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Parent Support

We know positive relationships are vital to the wellbeing of children. Attachment research shows that a positive, secure relationship with a parent or carer provides the support base from which a child can thrive. Parents and carers are so important!

We offer courses for parents and carers that aim to:

  • Empower parents and carers to strengthen their relationship with their child

  • Give parents and carers knowledge about the latest research on how best to connect with their children

  • Provide strategies to help form better connections and manage difficult behaviours 

  • Improve parents’ and carers’ confidence and self-esteem

  • Help you to enjoy family life again!

The parenting courses we offer are:

  • Parent-Child Attachment Play

  • One-to-one Parent Support using the Nurturing programme

  • Baby bonding

Find details of courses below.

For more information, or to express your interest get in contact via our website or email:

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What is Parent-Child Attachment Play (PCAP)?

PCAP is an enjoyable and proven programme where a therapist works with the parent/carer to strengthen the parent/carer – child relationship. PCAP works on the belief that parents/ carers are the expert on their child and can be the ‘change agent’ in their own family. This course is designed to empower parents to develop a happier, more united family home!

The PCAP practitioner works with the parent to encourage playfulness and teach skills to empower the parent to build a more secure relationship with their child.  It is a gentle play-based approach which provides parents with the skills to improve family relationships.  

PCAP is typically offered as a 10-week course consisting of weekly 1:1 sessions with the therapist and the parent/ carer. 

The programme can also be offered as an addition following a course of play therapy for the child as a way of cementing the therapeutic process of the child into family life. 

There will also be group sessions available. Please enquire directly if interested. 

How does it work?

One-to-one parent support using the Nurturing Programme

The nurturing programme is a tried and tested 10 week programme that seeks to empower parents in building positive relationships with their children, encouraging helpful behaviour, developing resilience, empathy and self-esteem in themselves and their children. 

 There are four key areas that will be explored during the process in order to develop the skills, emotional well-being, understanding and confidence.  These are:  self awareness/understanding,  appropriate expectation, empathy  and positive discipline which are the foundation of the programme.

We have two therapists who have been trained through Family Links to deliver the nurturing programme on a one-to-one basis.  This makes it more specific to the needs of each family and can be  shortened as appropriate.

The facilitator  will meet with the parent/s to discuss the difficulties, and what they would like to achieve from the work.  This will either involve the complete 10 session programme or tailored to the family’s needs.

Shorter sessions can be done bi-weekly  for parents to have more practice between sessions.

Please enquire directly if interested. 

Baby Bonding Group

Baby Bonding is a program to support parents of young children to form healthy attachment relationships. It is run by an experienced play therapist and is based on the latest research into attachment.

Sessions are run in small groups over 6 weeks at The Curious Play Cafe in Hanham. Parents or carers attend with their baby and can enjoy a space where the focus is on simply 'being' with your baby rather than constantly 'doing’. In each session, parents will be guided through simple, gentle, and playful activities designed to deepen the connection between them and their little one. 

The next course is at 1:30 pm on Wednesdays starting in September 2024.

4th September

11th September

18th September

25th September

2nd October

9th October

The course costs £40 for all 6 sessions.

For more information please email



Sensory Stay and Play Sessions

Join our new sensory stay and play sessions, led by experienced early years specialists and play therapists.


On the 1st Wednesday of each month.


in The Mill Room at St Annes' House, BS4 4AB

The sessions are designed to be open-ended in order to promote independence and creativity. There will be a range of sensory experiences and a choice of around five activites each session. We will be around to give information and advice on how the activities support the child's development and how you can recreate similar things at home. 

Spaces are limited so please make sure you book.

Each session is £5 for one adult and child, any additional children will be £2 each.

Email us with any questions at or sign up below.

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