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Risk Assessment Related to Covid-19

One to One Play Therapy in Ubuntu Play Therapy room

Completed by:  Veron Thomas (BAPT MSc Play Therapist)  Date Completed: 10/06/2021– Reviewed: 26/08/21

The Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus) causes illness for those infected, affecting their lungs and airways.  Symptoms can vary between individuals, with symptoms being mild, moderate, severe or fatal.  With some easing of the government restrictions around this pandemic it is now possible to consider resuming one to one play therapy under the updated government guidelines. 

This Risk Assessment has been completed with reference firstly to Government/NHS guidelines and that of the British Association of Play Therapist (BAPT). All parties should be aware that although all efforts will be made to reduce the risk of spreading the corona virus it must be said that this risk cannot be eliminated when accessing face to face play therapy.   

I have signed up to the government Coronavirus update service to keep up to date with any changes or alerts in their guidance.

Courses completed re Covid-19: Covid-19 Awareness (CPD Online College) and Introduction to Infection Prevention (Virtual College) 28.08.2020





















































British Association of Play Therapist (May 2020) Policy Guidance for Play Therapists Continuing to Practice During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Crown – (June 2020) Corona virus (COVID-19)

Crown – (June 2020) Corona virus Outbreak FAQs: What you can and can’t do (09/06/2020)

 Crown – (June 2020) Corona virus (Covid-19): Implementing protective measures in education and childcare settings  (09/06/2020)

Crown – NHS (June 2020) Check if you or your child has corona virus symptoms

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) (No. 4) Regulations 2020 (

Stay at home guidance ( (accessed 04/09/21)



My practice continues to follow The Health Protection guidelines in continuing during the current lockdown – See link above

(6) Exception 5 is that— (a) the gathering— (a) 2006 c. 47. 13 (i) is of a support group, (ii) consists of no more than 15 persons, and (iii) takes place at premises other than a private dwelling, and (b) it is reasonably necessary for members of the group to be physically present at the gathering.


(8) For the purposes of paragraph (6), “support group” means a group or one to one support which is organised by a business, a charitable, benevolent or philanthropic institution or a public body to provide mutual aid, therapy or any other form of support to its members or those who attend its meetings, for example those providing support—

Please also note that all staff have been fully vaccinated. 


One to one Play Therapy work during the covid-19 pandemic 

Contracting Covid-19 during play therapy sessions









Direct Contamination







Indirect contamination



Spread of Covid-19

Who may be harmed

Child-client/The Therapist/parent/carers

Child-client/Therapist / Parent/Carers

Child client/Therapist/Parent-Carers

St Anne’s House and it’s community, 


How - Transmission of Covid

Contact with infected person

Therapist may be working with other clients before the session

Droplets from Sneezing or coughing


Droplet distributed though talking and breathing


Handling play/art materials, touching hard surfaces in the play room.

Contact with other members of the St Anne’s House community and therapist.

Protective Factors

All parties to be active in cancelling play therapy sessions if anyone they have been in contact with or the child have symptoms of Covid-19 (a new persistent cough, fever, lack or change in taste/smell) or have had a positive test. Follow rules around self isolation (see government guidance). 

Therapist to practice regular hand washing or the use hand sanitizer where soap and water is not available.Observe distance of 1 to 2 metres. 2metres whenever possible

Therapist and Child to cleanse hands prior and after each session. 

Reminders to be strategically placed and verbalised. Hand sanitiser outside the room by the door.


Tissues available to catch coughs and sneezes with a lined bin for safe disposal.Hand sanitizer to be used after this.


Opening windows to create a well-ventilated space.  

Being aware of the 2m distancing rule – and the benefits

We will wipe down surfaces, door handles and any toys that have been used excessively, between clients. We will have disinfectant spray locked away for this purpose. 


Follow the Risk assessment/policy around Covid-19

Follow current GOV guidelines around contact – 2mtr rule or

Remote contact offered for parent/careres and other professionals involved - telephone, email or video conferencing where necessary.

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